Monday, July 19, 2010

How Can I Trademark a word?

I want to trademark a word, but I don

How do I become an exchange student?

I have wanted to become an exchange student for a very long time and I need to know how to go about doing it. I want to experience and taste life instead of living everyday the same.

First of all, how do I convince my parents?This is the most important task.

Who do I contact?

How much is the cost?

Do I have to know the language of the place where I am going?

If you guys have any tips or suggestions please tell me!:)

thank youuu:)
When I was in high school, a couple that went to my church acted as host parents twice for an exchange student from another country. The program was International Christian Youth Exchange (ICYE). They hosted a student from Finland one year and a student from Switzerland another year. Another couple at my church also hosted an exchange student from Germany. Another high school student at my church participated in the program and she spent a year in Germany.

I wanted to do this too. So I applied. All you need to do is contact an organization that will sponsor exchange students. You fill out a lengthy application and submit it. You wait. If you get accepted, you get to be an exchange student. I know the Rotary Club will sponsor exchange students and I

Which university is better for online courses, Argosy or Pheonix university?

Your local state or community college will have all the courses you need at about a 10th of the cost. UoP costs about 450 a credit hour while your local school will offer online courses for about 100 a credit hour. When you think about how many hours you need to earn your bachelors degree (120) that really adds up!!!

Plus, you

RMCC! Any idea what I

real men can cuddle.

real men can cook.




Whats the definition of annoying?

Causing vexation or irritation; troublesome:
The definition of annoying is someone who asks for a definition on yahoo answers instead of looking it up in a dictionary.
causing annoyance; bothersome

Easy question. 10 points what is this?

am going to buy a bag for $63 and it says is 30% off sitewide.

how much am i going to have to pay?

and if is sitewide, does it mean the entire site?

sorry if wrong section.
Sitewide means anything on the website.

To calculate any percentage, take the original number, and multiply by the percentage / 100.

For example: 30% of $63 is 63 x 0.30 = 18.90. This is your discount.

To calculate how much you

I want to be more inteligent.. with big words....?

What are some big words you know? what are the meanings?

Is there any sites that you know that could help me? What are they?

I want my speech to be more proper, more inteligent....
An excellent and simple place to start is a dictionary. Purchase a dictionary or use those available online. Choose several words, study them, learn their meanings and become familiar with their usages. Do this several times a week with new words and you